Our Projects

Check out these construction project examples to get an idea of what we can do!


Fill dirt / soil available for purchase


New consolidated rental car facility for the Cincinnati Airport


New consolidated rental car facility for the Cincinnati Airport

Montgomery Quarter Street Scape Project

New Streetscape in Montgomery, Ohio spanning 3 city blocks. Project includes asphalt paving, concrete sidewalks, curbs, stairs, pavers, waterproofing, fountain, a park, ornamental fencing, precast veneer, granite curbs, landscaping, and irrigation. We have also been tasked with orchestrating all the site logistics and deliveries for the seven buildings being constructed within the same project.

Bigelow St. Apartments

New high end apartment complex at the top of Mt. Auburn hill overlooking the city. Project includes mass excavation and haul off of 75,000 CY of soil and rock, multiple storm water detention systems, water services, sanitary services, and structural backfill.

Clifton Court Hall – UC Main Campus

New academic hall with classrooms and faculty offices. Project consists of the removal of classroom trailers and infrastructure, temporary earth retention system, mass excavation and haul off of 60,000 CY of soil and rock, drilled shafts, underground utilities, and structural backfill

Vantage – Anderson Town Centre

New mixed-use development requiring the demolition of an existing Metro Park and Ride facility, mass excavation and haul off of 80,000 CY of soil, Temporary Earth Retention, and structural foundation backfill.

HUB – Clifton Heights

New student housing project located at the site of the old Deaconess Medical Office Building. Project consists of significant temporary earth retention, mass excavation and haul off, drilled shaft foundation system, and structural backfill